DCI 2023: Big, Loud, & Live

With the final golden glimmers of Drum Corps International’s memorable and successful 50th anniversary summer season still glistening in the rearview mirror, the 2023 DCI Tour is set to shift into focus.

The kickoff of DCI’s second half century will showcase 85 competitive events across 33 states, featuring an array of familiar venues from its 2022 summer schedule, including many that saw all-time attendance highs.

"With a continuing focus on member safety and health and the overall quality of the drum corps experience, tour plans for this summer provide for a slightly more relaxed pace regarding the number of miles of travel each night as well as the balance of rehearsal and recovery time for performers,” DCI CEO Dan Acheson said. "The annual scheduling process — although similar from year to year — takes into account a number of variable factors from venue availability to the unique needs and other obligations of the participating drum corps."

Showtimes for DCI 2023: Big, Loud, & Live

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ThuAug 10

Legacy Theaters Bristol 14
3160 Linden Dr
Bristol, VA 24202

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